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Seasonal Flowers - EarthCare Landscape Management

Beautiful flowers have a positive impact on mood, health and reducing stress. Stunning landscape displays also make a great first impression on your guests and show your neighbors you care about your property. Watching your landscape blooms fade with the changing seasons can be frustrating when you want to maintain a certain look. Our landscape design professionals can develop landscape management plans that bring you vibrant seasonal color all year long. We will plant flowers and interesting foliage at the right time of year, so the plants can flourish, and your property will keep its curb appeal. With our 18 years of experience in the Gainesville area, EarthCare Landscape Management knows how to keep your home or business looking crisp throughout the year.

Year-round Curb Appeal

Changing your flowers with the seasons brings a sense of cohesion to the entire landscape. While other properties fade, the care and craftmanship of your landscaping will stand out. Seasonal colors and supporting foliage will harmonize with the surrounding features and weather, appearing as though they have always been there. Our knowledge of what thrives in our area ensures your seasonal plantings will last until the next season begins.

We can tailor flowers and plantings to your preferences and budget. Delicate and cheery plants gracefully welcome spring, while summer plantings can be bold and exotic or elegant and subdued. Cooler months see ornamental grasses gently waving above the deep colors of fall. Besides meeting your design preferences, we also analyze your property’s sun conditions to ensure your plants will thrive. Watering requirements are also considered. Plantings can be sun or shade, in garden beds or in planters and are guaranteed to be the gem of the neighborhood.

We Are Landscaping Experts

We will ensure your flower beds are neat and tidy, the soil has the optimal growing conditions and your new plants receive their initial watering. In addition to seasonal flower planting, EarthCare Landscape Management offers a complete range of landscaping and maintenance services. If you want to keep your property looking its best during the year, contact us today about seasonal planting options and our comprehensive maintenance options.

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