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Outdoor lighting provides more than safety. It can create more useful outdoor living spaces, highlight interesting landscape and architectural features and add value to your home. EarthCare Landscape Management’s professional design team works with residential and commercial clients of all sizes to develop a lighting plan that meets your needs. Serving Gainesville and Hall County, we ensure your lighting plan enhances the beauty of your property while still providing safety and security.

Customized Lighting Designs

Our professional landscape designers will create an integrated approach to lighting that puts the focus on what is being featured instead of the light fixture itself. Even when fixtures are visible, we ensure they look like they belong there, and are not some random afterthought. Despite some property owner’s concerns, security lighting can still be beautiful. Where traditional security lighting is desirable, it can also be integrated into the overall beauty of your unique lighting design.

Popular Lighting Options

As a full-service landscape company with 18 years of experience, we have a keen eye for highlighting architectural and landscape features, creating outdoor living spaces and providing nighttime curb appeal. Some of the more popular places to install outdoor lighting include in front of houses, under doorways and under eaves, front and side walkways and around decks and patios. Building facades, signs, addresses and interesting landscape features can all be lit in different ways to achieve unique designs and interesting nighttime effects.

Different lighting strategies are used in different situations to achieve your desired outcomes. Some well-known options are:

  • Uplighting: uplighting highlights unique trees, archways and statues and brightens dark corners from below.
  • Downlighting: downlighting highlights unique foliage and is also used anywhere safety is the main concern.
  • Path lighting: available in different styles, path lighting can define boundaries, provide direction and increase safety.
  • Backlighting: backlighting creates silhouettes of architectural features for nighttime impact.

Lighting designs can employ one or more of these features depending on your needs, landscape and budget. Professional design and installation ensure beautiful results that work together and enhance your safety. To get started on your nighttime curb appeal, contact EarthCare Landscape Management today for a free consultation.

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