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Keeping your lawn and garden in top shape usually requires a significant amount of water. Although lawns and landscaping can sometimes struggle through dry spells, they often wilt, brown and fail to thrive. Watering by hand with a hose is time-consuming. Even the most well-intentioned owners get busy and water chores aren’t completed. Hoses can also waste a lot of water, and big-box store drip hoses need time to work effectively. They often require you to move the water source from line to line. They are also not practical for lawns.

Choose Irrigation Instead

Instead of all the watering hassle, installing a sprinkler system can save you time and money. With a professional design and installation, your lawn and landscape will consistently receive the correct amount of water. Lawns, for example, require one to two inches of water every week. Some require more, depending on the underlying soil. Your irrigation system will ensure this watering happens, and your landscape will remain in pristine condition.

Modern sprinkler systems do not waste water. With water gauges, rain sensors and timers, your system will be very precise and only used when needed. This is not only good for the environment, but it also saves you money on your water bill.

Professional Sprinkler Installation

Installing a sprinkler system is not a good choice for do-it-yourself work. Properly assessing your landscape’s water needs, laying system lines and choosing the right position for sprinklers is not as easy as it seems. If not done properly, it can damage your landscape or result in you needing to continue watering areas the sprinkler system doesn’t reach.

EarthCare Landscape Management has 18 years of landscaping experience. We know the importance of proper and consistent watering for landscapes and lawns. It can be the difference between lush curb appeal or burned, patchy results. To help you with this task, we can install sprinkler systems for any size property and for residential and commercial customers. No matter the type of landscaping, there is a sprinkler solution to suit your needs. Contact us today, and remove your watering chores from your to-do list.

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