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Dry Creek Beds - EarthCare Landscape Management

A dry creek bed adds a luxurious touch to any landscape. When properly designed and installed, it blends into the landscape, appearing as though the feature formed naturally. Depending on the rocks you choose, it can make a big statement, functioning like a piece of jewelry. By subtly drawing the eye along its path, it can provide an optical illusion, making the yard appear longer or wider. When lined with lush foliage, it can become a subtle boundary marker. On top of their beauty, dry creek beds can solve some water issues by creating a proper drainage system in your yard. At EarthCare Landscape Management, we can design stunning dry creek beds for beauty and function.

The Purpose of a Dry Creek Bed

Dry creek beds can be an effective way to implement a drainage system on your property. It corrals and moves water along its length, channeling it to a predetermined point. It may gently empty into a more suitable area, like a rain garden. It can also partner with underground drainage systems, such as French drains, which collect and disperse the water further. By moving water away from where it isn’t wanted, it helps prevent soil erosion, unsightly lawn depressions and stagnant puddles of water.

Hire a Professional to Prevent Further Complications

Improper installation of a dry creek bed can create more problems than it solves. The most important factor is determining the proper slope so it can remove water without pooling in the creek bed. Next, where to move the water is critical. If not done properly, the bed may only whisk the water problem from one area to another. To prevent weeds from overtaking the dry creek bed, professional landscape fabric must be installed. Finally, EarthCare Landscape Management has access to a wider variety of rocks and boulders, ensuring you achieve the look you truly desire.

Gorgeous dry creek beds can subtly but effectively solve many drainage issues and increase the beauty of your property. Our professional design and installation team can offer expert drainage control and enhance the beauty of your property. Contact EarthCare Landscape Management today for a free consultation.

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