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Pruning - EarthCare Landscape Management

EarthCare Landscape Management provides small tree and hedge pruning services to residential and commercial customers. Just like large trees, smaller trees periodically need a pruning. Trees in their natural setting will lose their bottom limbs as they climb through a canopy of other trees. When planted alone or in small groups, this may not happen. These bottom branches may give your tree an unsightly “bushy” appearance. However, the bottom limbs also tend to be weak, so allowing them to continue to grow can cause later breakage and tree damage. Pruning the interior of the canopy is also important to allow air circulation and prevent limbs from rubbing against each other.

Hedge and Shrub Pruning

Many clients use the words pruning and shearing interchangeably, but they are very different practices. Shearing is used to remove new growth to a uniform height. This is how formal shapes are created and maintained. With shearing, you will find your hedges and shrubs have very little interior growth, but a dense outer growth. This is because the hedge or shrub is constantly trying to produce fresh growth. If performed properly, enough recent growth remains, so the planting will continue to grow larger. If done incorrectly, the planting may be irreparably damaged and end up with unsightly holes or dead branches.

Pruning removes old growth and new shoots. This is a more informal way to maintain shrubs and hedges, but it also provides a more natural appearance. Removing the fresh shoots from the ground forces the hedge or shrub to send its energy to the existing growth, resulting in a fuller, robust appearance. Removing some older growth can keep the plantings at their desired height and width, which means they can continue to thrive in the space they’re in. Pruning is a more sustainable practice and does not stress the plantings. This improves their long-term appearance and keeps them healthy.

Protect Your Trees, Shrubs and Hedges

Pruning can be a time-consuming activity, and it requires an understanding of natural growth patterns, proper branching and sustainable practices. With our 18 years in the landscaping industry, we have the expertise to keep your trees, hedges and shrubs in top condition. Contact us today about our pruning services.

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