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Privacy Trees - EarthCare Landscape Management

Privacy trees are a fantastic way to screen out your neighbors. They have the added benefit of providing visual interest to your landscape. They are also very effective at blocking out noise, providing windbreaks during adverse weather and promoting biodiversity in your landscape.

Not all trees work in all situations. EarthCare Landscape Management has 18 years in Georgia’s landscaping industry. This experience gives us the expertise to know which trees will thrive in our local area. It allows us to give you the best options for fast growing and long-lasting privacy trees. We can provide privacy tree installation for residential and commercial customers.

Our Planting Priorities

To ensure successful privacy screens, we work with you to first determine the type of tree you want. We establish if the trees can serve multiple purposes, like shaping the property. Other considerations for privacy trees are:

Smaller yards require smaller trees for a balanced look. As yards scale up in size, the size of the tree can scale up as well.
After determining tree size, spacing is crucial. While you want privacy and density, the trees still need room to grow properly. The final size of the tree determines how far they should be spaced apart.
Growth rate
Owners who have no other privacy screening usually prefer faster growing trees. Faster growing trees require more upkeep in terms of water, nutrients and pruning. They have a shorter lifespan than slower growing trees, but with proper care, they will last a very long time.
Mixing trees
Mixing tree species in a staggered row looks more natural, increases biodiversity and decreases the spread of tree-specific pests. However, single-species plantings in a straight row are a more formal approach and appropriate for traditional landscapes.

Professional Planting for Success

Planting trees is a big undertaking. With all the planning out of the way, getting the trees in place will take you hours of digging, preparing, backfilling, edge finishing and watering. EarthCare Landscape Management has the resources to complete your plantings quickly and properly. Contact us today about our privacy trees and maintenance options.

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