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Mulch Installation - EarthCare Landscape Management

Any landscape can be aesthetically and functionally improved with the addition of mulch. Mulching can minimize ongoing landscape tasks, improve your soil and increase the overall beauty of your property. For all of mulch’s benefits, it can be a time-consuming task. This leads many property owners to skip the process altogether. Determining how much mulch to use, where to get a safe mulch supply and how to transport it can be a logistical nightmare. Hiring a professional landscape company can address these concerns, assess your needs and install the mulch. EarthCare Landscape Management can provide you with all the benefits of mulch without you having to do any work.

The Benefits of Mulch

There are many types of mulch, but not every mulch is suitable for every situation. Our professional experience gives us the expertise to know which mulch will provide the most benefit to your landscaping while providing the most curb appeal. Mulch installation is an investment in the long-term health of your landscape, ensuring your plants can thrive and your property is always crisp and tidy.

Mulch is a type of ground cover and sits on top of the soil. By providing a barrier for the soil and plant roots, it prevents water from evaporating too quickly. This preserves soil moisture and reduces watering requirements. It protects the ground from seasonal changes, providing insulation that regulates soil temperatures in both the heat and cold. Mulch also suppresses weeds, reducing landscape maintenance requirements. It provides visual interest, defines landscape borders and keeps everything looking neat.

Professional Mulch Installation

The one drawback of mulch is the time it takes to install. Properly installed mulch can be several inches deep, requires a large amount of material and can be a slow process. EarthCare Landscape Management’s professional team will quickly install your mulch without any hassle for you.

Working with you to achieve your ultimate design goals, we can create the perfectly defined and healthy landscape you seek. For all your landscaping needs, including design, seasonal work, lawn and landscape maintenance, drainage control, irrigation and patio installation, contact EarthCare Landscape Management today.

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