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Pine Straw Installation - EarthCare Landscape Management

EarthCare Landscape Management’s pine straw installation can provide you with enhanced curb appeal. Pine straw is a popular ground cover choice once people learn about it. Functioning like mulch, it helps retain soil moisture and suppress weed growth. But unlike mulch, it has the added benefit of unique textures, color and contrast. It interlocks and holds together, so it will not wash away. This interlocking property also helps control erosion by protecting the soil from the wind. It still allows plenty of water through to ensure plants get watered.

Selecting healthy pine straw is good for your plants, as it decomposes slowly and releases nutrients into the soil. It insulates the ground, protecting the roots of your plants from both heat and cold. It is an excellent addition to any landscape project.

Pine Straw Does Not Harm the Environment

Pine straw is made up of thousands of pine needles. Collecting the needles does not damage the environment because the trees are not destroyed. The trees naturally shed needles through the year, and a helping hand is all that is needed to remove the needles ready to fall. As a natural product, it decomposes over time, returning nutrients to the soil. Since they do not cut the trees down, it is a sustainable process and is a renewable resource. Compared to premium bark mulches, the cost is approximately the same, but depending on the mulch harvesting method, the environmental cost of pine straw may be lower.

Let EarthCare Landscape Management Do the Work

Like mulch, pine straw is bulky to transport. It needs to be several inches deep to achieve all the benefits of soil and erosion protection. Unlike mulch, the needles are prickly and slightly harder to manage during installation. Once installed, they are easy to maintain. Achieving a professional finish at the edges also takes some extra finesse. They are “rolled” with a rake or leaf blower for the most tailored finish.

EarthCare Landscape Management has 18 years of providing quality landscape and lawn services to commercial and residential customers. For a clean, sustainable and tailored landscape, contact us today about pine straw installation.

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