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Drainage Problems - EarthCare Landscape Management

When water does not move efficiently away from your home, or pools in areas of your yard, it can lead to multiple problems. Sometimes these water issues are from improper planning or construction. The yard may have an insufficient drainage system or incorrect grading. In other situations, settling of the building can change the grade just enough to cause pooling. Improperly installed gutters and downspouts can also cause erosion problems and result in water going where it shouldn’t.

Why Water Is a Problem

Water sitting against a building slowly seeps into the concrete. Due to the nature of concrete, it will wick that moisture through to the inside. The first sign is usually efflorescence, which will look like salt deposits on the wall. It isn’t dangerous, but it is telling you something is wrong. Over time, that water will form small cracks. The cracks will continue to enlarge until they reach the inside, which creates extremely expensive repair work.

Soggy areas of your lawn can be more than unsightly. The water may pool or leave the lawn feeling ‘spongy.’ It may grow mushrooms, moss or other vegetation that likes a lot of water. Mushrooms are especially dangerous in yards with children or pets, as you don’t want them accidentally eating the mushrooms. If the grass manages to survive, it will likely be thin and patchy.

Much like grass, other areas of your landscaping may fail when water doesn’t drain. The roots of plants and trees may no longer exchange the nutrients and oxygen they need and end up drowning. Patios and other hardscaping may shift and crack as the water gets underneath and erodes the base layer. This erosion can also happen with larger structures, such as houses and garages, which can cause catastrophic damages.

Correcting Water Problems

Serving both residential and commercial customers, EarthCare Landscape Management has over 18 years of experience in professional landscaping and drainage correction. While fixing the exterior grading is always a priority, we can use other methods to correct drainage problems, including French drains and dry creek beds. If water is failing to drain away from your home, lawn or landscaping, contact us today for an assessment.

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