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Pine Straw for Cold Weather Protection - EarthCare Landscape Management

Pine Straw for Cold Weather Protection


Both bark mulch and pine straw provide a host of benefits for your landscaping. They help regulate soil temperature and extend the time between waterings by slowing down evaporation. Beyond this, they both have very distinct properties. In some situations, bark mulch may be the appropriate solution. But if you have never considered pine straw,… Continue reading

Now Is the Best Time to Plan Your Landscaping Project


When the temperatures drop, it may seem like it will take forever for your flowers to reappear. If you don’t like the cooler weather, why not spend your time inside planning your next landscaping upgrade? With early planning, you will be able to get a jumpstart in the spring. This means by the time summer… Continue reading

Extend the Seasons with an Outdoor Fireplace

outdoor fireplace

One of the most popular home renovations is taking place outside. Creating outdoor rooms increases valuable living space and provides a multi-season oasis for family and friends. Budgeting for an outdoor fireplace allows you to extend the seasons in all but the most frigid of conditions. You can get an early jump on spring and… Continue reading

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