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Meeting the Meticulous Maintenance Demands of Fine Gardening - EarthCare Landscape Management

Meeting the Meticulous Maintenance Demands of Fine Gardening

perfect healthy lawn

Fine gardening is an artful and meticulous approach to landscape design and maintenance, creating exquisite outdoor spaces that showcase the beauty of nature. At EarthCare Landscape Management in Gainesville, we understand the unique demands and rewards of fine gardening. There are unique maintenance demands within fine gardening, and our team of expert have what it… Continue reading

Say Goodbye to Your Soggy Lawn with a French Drain

looking through a french drain with a black pipe and large rocks surrounding it

Are you tired of dealing with a perpetually soggy and waterlogged lawn? Does excess water pooling in your yard make it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities? If so, it’s time to consider a simple yet effective solution: a French drain. At EarthCare Landscape Management in Gainesville, GA, we specialize in creating efficient drainage systems that… Continue reading

5 Reasons to Consider a Lawn Renovation in Georgia

beautiful lawn with green grass

A beautiful, lush green lawn can be the pride and joy of any homeowner. However, over time, factors such as weather conditions, heavy foot traffic, pests, and neglect can take a toll on your once-vibrant lawn. If you find yourself gazing out at a lackluster, worn-out yard, it may be time to consider a lawn… Continue reading

How A Landscaper Can Help You Sell Your Home

flower bed with decorative green garden plants and evenly mowed

Are you trying to sell your home? Would you like to sell it faster and for more money? Of course you would! But did you know that a landscaper can help you do that? EarthCare Landscape Management is proud to help realtors and home sellers with our excellence in landscape design, renovation and maintenance. After… Continue reading

Light Up Your Landscape

garden illuminated lamps

We consider electricity and lighting as a non-negotiable resource and luxury inside of our home. However, not everyone taps into the value of lighting when it comes to their outdoor space. At EarthCare Landscape Management, we love helping our customers discover the game-changing benefits of installing outdoor lighting. This simple investment can serve various purposes,… Continue reading

Why Land Grading Demands a Professional

a heavy crawler excavator with a large bucket is getting ready for work

Land grading is the process of leveling and reshaping the surface of your land to make it more functional or attractive. Depending on your particular property, land grading can involve removing or adding soil to create a desired slope, elevation or contour on the terrain. Land grading may seem like an easy or straightforward task,… Continue reading

Dry Creek Bed: Functional and Attractive

If a single hard rain renders your lawn off-limits for several days, you’ve likely got a drainage problem. Drainage issues can not only limit your use of your outdoor space but the excess water can also invite mosquitoes, damage your home’s foundation and kill your plants and flowers. While there are many ways to solve… Continue reading

Is Your Dog Ruining Your Lawn?

You dog may love your lawn, but that doesn’t mean your lawn loves your dog. While your lush green grass is the perfect place for your fur baby to run and play, it may also be his favorite spot to urinate. Burn spots throughout your turf due to your pet’s bathroom habits can be a… Continue reading

Is a Vegetable Garden on Your List for 2023?

Vegetable garden with raised beds.

As the cost of food continues to rise, you may be one of many Georgians who are considering growing your own food this year. Whether you want to plant a vegetable garden to save cost or simply explore a new hobby, we’re here to help you at EarthCare Landscape Management, LLC. If you are new… Continue reading

How to Prepare for Brush Clearing

Roots of removed uprooted bush lying on the ground.

Overgrowth can render a property unattractive as well as useless. If trees, shrubs and dense brush have overtaken your space, you may need to let an expert intervene. Brush clearing is can be an overwhelming project that demands professional equipment and knowledge. The rewards, however, are quite significant. Breaking up and removing dense overgrowth and… Continue reading

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