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Dry Creek Bed: Functional and Attractive - EarthCare Landscape Management

Dry Creek Bed: Functional and Attractive

If a single hard rain renders your lawn off-limits for several days, you’ve likely got a drainage problem. Drainage issues can not only limit your use of your outdoor space but the excess water can also invite mosquitoes, damage your home’s foundation and kill your plants and flowers. While there are many ways to solve… Continue reading

Is Your Dog Ruining Your Lawn?

You dog may love your lawn, but that doesn’t mean your lawn loves your dog. While your lush green grass is the perfect place for your fur baby to run and play, it may also be his favorite spot to urinate. Burn spots throughout your turf due to your pet’s bathroom habits can be a… Continue reading

Is a Vegetable Garden on Your List for 2023?

Vegetable garden with raised beds.

As the cost of food continues to rise, you may be one of many Georgians who are considering growing your own food this year. Whether you want to plant a vegetable garden to save cost or simply explore a new hobby, we’re here to help you at EarthCare Landscape Management, LLC. If you are new… Continue reading

How to Prepare for Brush Clearing

Roots of removed uprooted bush lying on the ground.

Overgrowth can render a property unattractive as well as useless. If trees, shrubs and dense brush have overtaken your space, you may need to let an expert intervene. Brush clearing is can be an overwhelming project that demands professional equipment and knowledge. The rewards, however, are quite significant. Breaking up and removing dense overgrowth and… Continue reading

Can You Spot a Dangerous Tree?

Giant broken by wind oak tree branches lying on a sidewalk by a residential house.

While we rarely think of them this way, your trees on your property can be on of the greatest liabilities you own – especially if you fail to detect one that is dying and at risk of falling. Fallen trees not only contribute to tens of millions of dollars in property damage each year, but… Continue reading

Winterizing Your Irrigation: Is It Necessary in Georgia?

Sprinkler system watering lawn grass.

Most residents appreciate Georgia’s mild winters. While it is true that we aren’t likely to have weeks of heavy snow or blizzards in our southern state, that doesn’t mean we can’t (and won’t) get times of plummeting temperatures during the winter. When it comes to your irrigation system, it only takes that brief but hard… Continue reading

Do You Have a Plan for Weed Control?

Pulling and spraying weeds can be time-consuming and tedious, but if you want a healthy lawn, you must get rid of those pesky weeds. Weeds steal precious nutrients from your lawn and take over quickly. When it comes to effective weed control, it is crucial not to damage the surrounding healthy grass. A professional landscaper… Continue reading

Recognizing and Treating Soil Compaction

Man holding an open book with a picture of lush lawn.

Is your lawn struggling? Have you already checked your mowing habits and watering schedule? You may need to consider soil compaction, a common yet less obvious lawn problem that impacts several grass types. The good news is that once you identify soil compaction as the source of your poor lawn growth, you can easily fix… Continue reading

10 Reasons to Mulch

Freshly laid mulch can provide an instant facelift for your landscape. Mulch is a type of groundcover that is placed on top of the soil. It can be used in several different areas of your yard, including flowerbeds and gardens as well as along walkways and patios. It is a highly versatile groundcover that boost… Continue reading

Caring for Your Zoysia During a Hot Summer

Summertime in Georgia can be brutal. Fortunately, between swimming pools and indoor air conditioning, we have ways to escape the days of blistering heat. Your grass is not so lucky. Can your grass survive the summer heat without turning brown or withering away? Absolutely – especially if you have a warm-season grass such as Zoysia.… Continue reading

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