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Lawn Renovation - EarthCare Landscape Management

It is common to find lawns that are thin, patchy or damaged. Insects, drought and invasive weeds can take hold of your turf and damage it. If discovered early enough, we can sometimes limit the damage to one area and repair the spot. Often, the damage is much more widespread and affects large portions of the lawn. This doesn’t mean you can’t have the perfect turf you’ve always dreamed about. EarthCare Landscape Management can provide lawn renovation services and establish lush new growth.

What Is Lawn Renovation?

Lawn renovation involves eliminating the existing lawn without tilling it under. Since the area is not tilled, sod is not the best choice. Sod needs to have good soil contact to be successful, so the existing layer of plant material will prevent proper sod rooting. This isn’t to say sodding can’t be used in lawn renovation. It can be, so long as the area is properly prepared.

Instead of sod, there is an economical alternative. The existing lawn is watered, then sprayed with a non-selective herbicide. This kills all existing plant material. Debris and thatch are removed, and the area is aerated and cultivated to prepare it for seeds. Seed is then spread in multiple directions to ensure full coverage. We use only high-quality seed and seed mixes to help ensure successful germination and growth. Once renovated, a few weeks of watering will establish a healthy, appealing lawn.

Do I Need a Lawn Renovation?

You can choose a lawn renovation for damaged grass, grass that requires frequent patch repair or simply because you want to convert to a different type of grass for a new look. EarthCare Landscape Management can help you determine what type of renovation would best suit your needs, lifestyle and budget. With 18 years of experience, our knowledge of the Georgia climate and weather patterns helps us assess what type of turf will work best for your property. If you are looking to revitalize your lawn, contact us today for an assessment and renovation plan.

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