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Outdoor Fireplaces - EarthCare Landscape Management

A professionally installed outdoor fireplace creates a cozy gathering area and high-end design feature for your outdoor space. Since it extends the time you can spend in your outdoor spaces, it is a highly sought-after feature that can add to property value. As part of our landscaping services, EarthCare Landscape Management can help you design a premium outdoor fireplace that fits with your existing buildings and landscapes. There are a few things to consider before installation:

A fireplace that is too big will overwhelm the space, while one that is too small will not provide the impact or warmth you need. EarthCare Landscape Management can help you find the perfect size and design for your property.
Your fireplace should blend with your surroundings while still being a focal point. Styles range from traditional to modern, and there are plenty of choices in all styles. EarthCare Landscape Management can help you find the right outdoor fireplace for the “wow” factor you’re seeking to create.
Fire hazards are a significant concern when installing a fireplace. This is why rules and best practices must be followed to keep them a proper distance from anything flammable. This includes buildings, plants and trees. In very small yards, a fire pit may be an alternative.
Outdoor fireplace chimneys must be cleaned regularly, just like indoor chimneys. A professional cleaning reduces the risk of chimney fires, dangerous amounts of smoke and other property damage.
Water Supply
A reliable source of water should be on-hand at all times. With proper installation, care and cleaning, problems are less likely to occur. However, fire is still fire, and it is better to react quickly than to be unprepared.

Professional Installation

Installing an outdoor fireplace is a job for the professionals. There are strict safety guidelines that must be followed for your protection. Hazards and dangers must be identified, proper spacing must be maintained and installation must meet all codes and industry best practices.

EarthCare Landscape Management has expert designers that can help you create the perfect outdoor spaces for your lifestyle. Our professional installers will ensure all safety codes are met while giving you the look you want. Contact us to discuss installing an outdoor fireplace today.

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