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Lawn Aeration - EarthCare Landscape Management

Maintaining your lawn requires a significant number of tasks be completed in a certain order. It is well worth the effort to maintain a lush and beautiful lawn. It increases curb appeal, boosts property value and gives you a relaxing green space. Despite the benefits, lawn upkeep is time consuming, and the gold standard for lawn care sometimes requires specialized equipment. One of these tasks is lawn aeration, and although many property owners skip this step, it is crucial for long-term lawn health.

Why Aeration Matters

Aeration punctures holes into your existing grass and down into the soil layer. This helps grass roots get the maximum amount of water and nutrients. Maximizing their water and nutrient uptake results in stronger rooting and more resilient grass. Besides healthier roots, aeration can also:

  • Break up compacted soils
  • Loosen dense soils
  • Improve drought resistance
  • Increase fertilization
  • Promote new grass growth

The timing of your lawn aeration also matters and depends on the type of grass. Doing the procedure at the wrong time of year can damage the lawn. It can also be difficult to determine when your grass needs to be aerated. While it should be done at least once a year, certain soils and areas with heavy foot traffic may need more frequent aeration.

Why Use Professional Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aerators are heavy pieces of equipment and inexperienced operators can damage their lawns by using them improperly or under the wrong conditions. Soil conditions need to be adjusted prior to using the machine, and any additional treatments must be applied in the correct order to be effective. It is also time consuming and physically demanding.

As landscape and lawn experts, EarthCare Landscape Management will aerate your lawn and determine the best schedule for you to follow. We can also pair lawn aeration with other lawn care services to help promote thick, resilient turf. With our complete landscape and lawn maintenance service options, we also spot minor problems before they turn into big headaches.

If you are ready to bring your lawn to the next level, increase your property’s curb appeal and find the time to enjoy your beautiful landscape, contact EarthCare Landscape Management today to schedule a consultation.

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