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Erosion Control - EarthCare Landscape Management

When most people think of erosion, they think of tumbling hillsides. While these things can happen, there are subtle forms of erosion that can occur on your property. Natural land settling, rainfall, watering and everyday activities wear the soil away. This erosion may be unsightly, but it can also be dangerous. It can cause problems on slopes and under buildings, threatening people and property. Thankfully, EarthCare Landscape Management can control erosion issues to keep your property beautiful and safe.

Correcting Erosion is Important

Erosion is the wearing down of the surface of the ground. As this happens, it opens gaps, and water winds its way beneath layers of soil, gravel and rocks. This loosens the material underneath, making it susceptible to moving, sliding or being blown away by the wind. Since the ground is damaged from both above and below, once erosion begins, the process can speed up and create unsightly and dangerous conditions.

EarthCare Corrects Erosion Problems

With 18 years in the landscaping industry, we have corrected all kinds of erosion problems. Whether it is from wear and tear, improper construction, sandy soil or water problems, we can devise a solution that will control erosion and make conditions safe. Some options for controlling erosion are:

French Drains
One of the most common causes of erosion is improper drainage. When water drainage systems fail, the water will create a path of its own, often causing damage.
Dry Creek Beds
Another form of water management, dry creek beds channel water away from where you don’t want it to better destinations. With the added benefit of being a landscape feature, it creates a path for water to follow.
Plants and Turf Grass
Plants anchor themselves into the soil and hold it together, preventing or slowing down erosion. Turf grass has an extensive root system and holds soil in place. It also uses up a great deal of water that would otherwise wear away at the substrate.

Other solutions include retaining walls, rain gardens, erosion control fabric and baffles or barriers. If you have erosion on your property, it is important to have it investigated for your safety. Contact us today for a beautiful property and peace of mind.

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