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Today’s patios are vibrant outdoor spaces that function as extensions of your home or commercial building. Beautiful and functional, these outdoor living spaces can have all the features of interior rooms, including comfortable furniture, outdoor kitchens and even fireplaces. EarthCare Landscape Management can turn your yard into a hub of activity. Whether your style and budget calls for traditional concrete pavers or natural flagstone, you will have a relaxing, inviting space ready to enjoy.

Flagstone Options

Flagstone is an excellent option for patios. Tough and durable, the beauty of natural flagstone makes it a popular choice, as each unique stone piece makes a statement. Laid out like a jigsaw puzzle so the pieces fit together to form the patio, flagstone has a very organic feel and a casual elegance.

Flagstone can also be cut into uniform pieces. This is important for steps, where the linear look more effectively defines each riser. You can still get the natural look you want that integrates into the rest of the landscape. The defined edges provide a measure of safety that can help prevent trips and falls.

Paver Options

Brick and concrete pavers are an economical option that still provides a wide range of style options. They can be laid in a traditional pattern, a modern pattern like herringbone or a custom pattern that suits your personality best. Our expert installers ensure all our patio work is properly sloped for drainage, level to prevent tripping and cut cleanly for attractive corners.

Connecting the Pieces

For any patio, the spaces between the pavers or stone can be filled with different materials. While sand is a common option, gravel or crushed rock can also be used. For the most natural look, moss can be used in joints. It creates a feeling that the patio is a natural part of the landscape, and moss stands up well to foot traffic and furniture.

Installed By the Professionals

To create the perfect gathering space, quality stonework is essential. With beauty, safety, drainage and functionality in mind, EarthCare Landscape Management can provide a gorgeous outdoor space for you. Our professional installation will save you hours of planning, digging, leveling and clean-up. Contact us today for a patio consultation.

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