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Winterizing Your Irrigation: Is It Necessary in Georgia? - EarthCare Landscape Management
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Most residents appreciate Georgia’s mild winters. While it is true that we aren’t likely to have weeks of heavy snow or blizzards in our southern state, that doesn’t mean we can’t (and won’t) get times of plummeting temperatures during the winter. When it comes to your irrigation system, it only takes that brief but hard freeze to ruin your pipes and damage your sprinklers.

To avoid costly irrigation system repair due to that rare snow day in Georgia, we recommend winterizing your irrigation system at the beginning of the winter season.

The Risk of Not Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

As we enter the months of shorter days and cooler morning temperatures, you’ll be using your irrigation system less or not at all. Winterizing your irrigation system means shutting the entire system down during its dormant season. This task is a key component of proper irrigation system maintenance. Failure to winterize your system in time could result in freeze damage and the following issues:

  • cracked lateral lines (pipes and fittings)
  • broken sprinkler heads
  • busted valves
  • cracked or leaking backflow devices

Whether you have the time and know-how to do the job yourself, or you hire an irrigation expert to winterize your system, you can save your yard and your wallet from notable damage by doing so. At EarthCare Landscape Management, we can handle your irrigation needs, from installation to repairs. Our team is also qualified and happy to help you maintain your Georgia irrigation system throughout the year. We work with irrigation systems of all sizes. Call our professionals today to get a quote.

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