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Will You Be Ready When Your Lawn Wakes Up? - EarthCare Landscape Management
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While it may seem like the cold temperatures will never end, winter is just weeks away from making its exit. Next month, your Georgia lawns may begin to “wake up” from its winter slumber. You’ll need to be prepared to get moving on your lawn care to ensure you give your grass every opportunity to be vibrant, green and healthy this year.

When the spring temperatures arrive, be ready to complete the following lawn care tasks:

#1 Raking and Mowing
Go ahead and dust off your rake because the first step is to remove all of the dead leaves and uncover your grass after its dormant winter. Raking also can direct the blades of your grass to a more upright position so that your mower can do a better, more even job. When mowing your lawn for the first time after a long winter, set your mower blade high (about 1 inch) since the grass is just “waking up” and growing again. To go the extra mile, drag out your trimmer and edge your lawn to initiate a clean and manicured landscape for the coming spring.

#2 Scarify and Spike
If notice an accumulation of moss and debris throughout your lawn, you’ll need to scarify it by pulling up the moss and dead grass. When this layer is not removed, it can prevent rainwater from getting to the soil and roots. Scarifying machines are available for larger landscapes, and moss killer applications can be used as well.

Spiking your lawn (aeration) is also an excellent way to jumpstart your early spring grass. This involves poking holes in the compacted soil to allow water to drain correctly and help air reach the roots. Apply and brush in a top covering of sifted soil after you are done.

#3 Fertilize
As the warmer temperatures present themselves, it is time to nourish your grass. Feed your turf a fertilizer compound that contains high amounts of nitrogen, as this will give your grass that desirable green color and help it withstand any future drought. Remember to apply your fertilizer on a warm day when the grass is dry but the soil is moist.

Need help preparing your lawn for spring? Call EarthCare Landscape Management. Not only can we get your existing yard ready for a healthy spring, but we can also lay new sod if you want a fresh start.

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