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Reasons to Invest in Drainage Control - EarthCare Landscape Management

How well is your yard draining? Do you notice patches of soggy grass or shifting mulch after a hard rain? These are signs of poor drainage. Investing in a drainage solution from a professional landscaper can offer more value than you think.

There are many reasons why you should consider putting a drainage system on your residential or commercial property. Excess water on your property can damage your home as well as your landscape. Whether you choose a French drain, downspout, dry creek bed or other drainage solution, you’ll be glad you did when the spring showers and heavy summer storms come to Georgia.

Here are some top reasons to invest in drainage control from EarthCare Landscape Management:

Reduces Chances of Flooding – Redirects water away from buildings, flower beds and other areas that can become damaged.

Eliminates Standing Water – Puddles and other areas of standing water in your turf are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, lawn disease, mold and rot.

Stops Ground Erosion – Give your property a chance to avoid erosion damage with a storm runoff tactic or drainage control solution.

Protects Your Home Foundation – Pooling water can not only ruin plant life and grass, but it can also compromise the foundation of your home if it accumulates near the structure.

Reduce Risk of Injury – Don’t forget that wet sidewalks and other outdoor surfaces can pose a risk to you and your guests. Drainage control will reduce your liability as a homeowner.

At EarthCare Landscape Management, we are here to discuss the best drainage solution for your particular property. We offer a full range of services to prevent erosion and control heavy rainwater before it sabotages your property. Call our Gainesville landscaping team today to learn more.

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