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Pine Straw for Cold Weather Protection - EarthCare Landscape Management

Both bark mulch and pine straw provide a host of benefits for your landscaping. They help regulate soil temperature and extend the time between waterings by slowing down evaporation. Beyond this, they both have very distinct properties. In some situations, bark mulch may be the appropriate solution. But if you have never considered pine straw, now is a great time to consider this versatile landscaping material. It comes with a whole host of additional benefits, including providing superior winter protection for your prized plants.

What Is Pine Straw Mulch?

Pine straw mulch consists of thousands of interlocking pine needles. Needle collection leaves the trees unharmed. Gentle raking helps natural needle shedding along. Since the trees are not damaged, pine straw is a sustainable process. The long needles weave together, ensuring they stay put wherever they are placed and will not be lost to rain or erosion. In fact, pine straw helps protect areas prone to erosion.

The Benefits of Pine Straw Mulch

Pine straw’s network of interlaced needles allows more water to reach the soil than a thick layer of mulch. It breaks down at a slower rate than bark mulch, and it provides a slower release of nutrients back into the soil. As the bottom needles work their way into the dirt, they become miniature aerators and help oxygenate the ground. Since pine straw mulch decomposes so slowly, it is one of the most low-maintenance covers for landscaping.

Pine Straw Mulch for Any Season

When it comes to cold temperatures, pine straw mulch is an excellent insulator. Those interlocking needles create thousands of little air pockets. Like animal fur or a down blanket, it keeps what’s underneath it warm. This layer of insulation helps protect sensitive plants from the freeze-thaw cycle that often occurs in the spring. As an additional benefit, once the weather warms up, your plants may appear earlier. In the full heat of summer, it will help keep the soil cooler, moister and prevent sun damage to the roots.

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