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Landscape Lighting Can Make Your Business Safer - EarthCare Landscape Management
Landscape Lights

Is your business a safe place for others to visit? While you may have taken extra measures to prevent injury inside your building, you are also liable for the outside premises or property that surrounds your building. This includes your commercial landscape.

We know that an attractive and well-manicured landscape reflects positively on your business, but if your property is not safe, your efforts are in vain. If you have clients, customers and employees who visit your commercial building in the dark, the liability becomes extremely high. Strategic landscape lighting can be your answer

Weighing the Cost of Landscape Lighting

If you are a frugal or money-conscious business owner, you may question the cost of installing and operating a landscape lighting system, especially if you have a large property with multiple walkways and stairs. However, every fall prevented by your lighting system constitutes real savings to your business.

According to The National Floor Safety Institute, over one million people go to the emergency room each year for a slip and fall accident. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average lawsuit settlement for a slip and fall accident is between $15,000 and $45,000. For any business trying to make a profit or simply stay afloat, these personal injuries can be a serious financial threat.

Whether you own a small business or large retail venue, there are landscape lighting solutions available that not only boost curb appeal but can also prevent devastating injuries from visitors or patrons.

At EarthCare Landscape Management, we encourage outdoor lighting for the following commercial landscape features to enhance safety:

  • Handicapped ramp
  • Pedestrian crosswalk
  • Walkways
  • Benches
  • Steps

Is your commercial property properly illuminated when the sun is not out? Contact EarthCare Landscape Management. We can offer a variety of landscape lighting solutions to not only enhance the beauty of your business property but also ensure it is functional and safe.

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