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How to Prepare for Brush Clearing - EarthCare Landscape Management
Roots of removed uprooted bush lying on the ground.

Overgrowth can render a property unattractive as well as useless. If trees, shrubs and dense brush have overtaken your space, you may need to let an expert intervene. Brush clearing is can be an overwhelming project that demands professional equipment and knowledge. The rewards, however, are quite significant.

Breaking up and removing dense overgrowth and tangled brush throughout a property can be done for a variety of reasons. At EarthCare Landscape Management, we provide brush cutting services for the following:

  • Clean up an overgrown property
  • Expand your lawn
  • Setup fences and hedges
  • Service connections to public utilities and municipal services
  • Aid drainage
  • Prep for building structures (a shed or home addition)
  • Road construction
  • Real estate development
  • Shape your landscape (remove trees, brush, etc.)
  • Create space to garden

Preparing for Land Clearing

Now that you understand why you may need brush clearing, you’ll need to know a few steps to take to prepare your land for this professional service. The following can ensure brush cutting and land clearing goes smoothly and successfully:

  1. Know the Local Laws and Regulations. Does your neighborhood require a permit? Are there protected plants or erosion control issues to work around?
  2. Identify What Needs to Remain Untouched. Mark the aspects of your landscape (trees, vegetation, etc) that you want to protect.
  3. Clean-Up Your Land by Hand. Save the heavy work for professional equipment, but do try and remove small obstacles that could harm brush cutting tools, such as large rocks, trash or lumber.

If you need brush cutting, bush hogging or brush hogging services for your residential or commercial property near Gainesville, call EarthCare Landscape Management. We promise a job well done.

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