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Dry Creek Bed: Functional and Attractive - EarthCare Landscape Management

If a single hard rain renders your lawn off-limits for several days, you’ve likely got a drainage problem. Drainage issues can not only limit your use of your outdoor space but the excess water can also invite mosquitoes, damage your home’s foundation and kill your plants and flowers.

While there are many ways to solve poor drainage on your landscape, many homeowners take advantage of dry creek beds. Unlike French drains or re-grading your property, dry creek beds can offer effective redirection and dispersion of rainwater while also adding aesthetic appeal to your overall landscape. Most of all, they won’t break the bank compared to some other drainage solutions.

The Advantages of Installing a Dry Creek Bed

What is a dry creek bed? This is a landscape feature that acts like a creek or stream bed but uses rocks or boulders instead of water. The dry creek bed is typically laid with a special fabric first to prevent weed growth. The strategic placement of the rock bed, however, will work to channel water into a more desirable place in your yard after it rains.

Dry creek beds have the unique advantage of being customized to your individual style. After a professional landscaper determines your drainage needs, there will be lots of room to create your dry creek bed exactly how you want. For example, many clients choose river rock varieties that complement the style and colors of their home and surrounding landscape. Dry creek beds can even give the illusion that your backyard is longer or wider than it really is. To ensure your dry creek bed doesn’t cause more harm than good, we recommend letting EarthCare Landscape Management complete your installation project.

Get rid of standing water in your yard this season by calling our Drainage Control Experts in Gainesville today. We can quickly determine if a dry creek bed is right for your yard.

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