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Do You Have a Plan for Weed Control? - EarthCare Landscape Management

Pulling and spraying weeds can be time-consuming and tedious, but if you want a healthy lawn, you must get rid of those pesky weeds. Weeds steal precious nutrients from your lawn and take over quickly. When it comes to effective weed control, it is crucial not to damage the surrounding healthy grass. A professional landscaper can provide customized weed control treatments to help you banish these pesky invaders so you can enjoy a healthy green lawn.

Common Lawn Weeds

There is a wide variety of common lawn weeds that can affect your grass and soil. Annual weeds, like crabgrass, grow and die in a single season and leave behind seeds to repeat the cycle. Perennial weeds, like dandelions, grow and die every year and leave seeds to expand their territory. There are also broadleaf, sedge and grass-like weeds. Each type requires a unique weed control treatment in order to prevent and exterminate them.

Common Causes of Weed Growth

There are several causes that contribute to weed growth. Heavy foot traffic from pets and humans can thin grass and allow weeds to take root. Insect infestations and lawn diseases can also give weeds the opportunity to thrive. In addition, weather conditions and overwatering can damage lawns and encourage weed growth. A lawn care analysis can determine what is causing your particular weed growth and guide you towards the best treatment options.

Customized weed control treatments can be applied according to your lawn’s needs. Regularly scheduled treatments with lawn care maintenance plans may be necessary to prevent weeds from returning.

Protect Your Lawn with Weed Control

If you are struggling with stubborn weeds, EarthCare Landscape Management can handle it. Our lawn care experts have been proudly serving residents and businesses in Gainesville and surrounding communities for many years. You can trust our professionals to use the safest and most effective products in the industry to eliminate unsightly weeds.

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