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Can You Spot a Dangerous Tree? - EarthCare Landscape Management
Giant broken by wind oak tree branches lying on a sidewalk by a residential house.

While we rarely think of them this way, your trees on your property can be on of the greatest liabilities you own – especially if you fail to detect one that is dying and at risk of falling. Fallen trees not only contribute to tens of millions of dollars in property damage each year, but they can also result in tragic fatalities. It’s your responsibility, therefore, as a homeowner, to know when a tree is becoming dangerous and needs to be removed before it causes harm.

At EarthCare Landscape Management, we can handle your entire landscape management, which includes routinely inspecting trees on your property and identifying signs of failing trees or trees that could easily fall during the next storm or strong wind. We pay special attention to trees that are over your play area, near your house or close to your neighbor’s property.

When conducting a tree inspection, we cover all four zones:

The Overall Tree
What is the overall growth pattern and shape? Is the tree leaning? Does it have thin leaf coverage compared to other trees?
The Ground
Is the root system compromised? Does the ground show rotted or cracked anchoring roots, fungal growth or cracked/raised soil?
The Trunk
Is the trunk healthy or diseased? Are there cracks, “bald spots” or depressed areas (cavities)? Do you see signs if insect damage (tiny holes and sawdust shavings)?
The Canopy
Are there areas of dead wood, or branches that are shedding or don’t have any leaves?

Are you confident that your trees are not posing a danger to your family, neighbors or home? If you are concerned about the health of one of your trees, call EarthCare Landscape Management. We are trained to care for your trees and can recommend safe tree removal if necessary.

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