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10 Reasons to Mulch - EarthCare Landscape Management

Freshly laid mulch can provide an instant facelift for your landscape. Mulch is a type of groundcover that is placed on top of the soil. It can be used in several different areas of your yard, including flowerbeds and gardens as well as along walkways and patios. It is a highly versatile groundcover that boost curb appeal as well as protect the health of your plants.

Mulch comes in a variety of types with different colors, shapes and sizes. Whether you use wood chips or shredded bark, these are ten strong reasons to invest in mulch for your personal outdoor space:

  1. Helps to insulate the soil
  2. Protects soil from extreme heat and rain
  3. Preserves soil moisture
  4. Keeps weeds away
  5. Prevents soil compaction
  6. Lowers risk of disease and fungus
  7. Reduces lawn mower damage
  8. Defines walkways and outdoor hardscapes
  9. Showcases flowers, plants, trees and hardscapes
  10. Fosters a manicured and attractive appearance to the overall landscape

Hiring a Professional to Spread Your Mulch

Do you dread the task of buying and spreading mulch? You are not alone. It can be an arduous and time-consuming job. If you’d rather hire a professional for your mulch installation, we can help you at EarthCare Landscape Management. Not only do our experts know how to lay mulch correctly, but we can also make sure you order the correct amount of mulch upfront. Mulch can offer remarkable benefits for the health and beauty of your yard, but it often takes a professional to maximize those benefits for you.

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